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Concrete Hardness Test

You can do your own concrete hardness test!  An easy way to do this is by scratching the concrete with the penny.  If the penny is transferred to the concrete, that means the substrate is medium to hard.  If the penny leaves a scratch in the concrete, then the substrate is soft.

Floor preparation

Once we know the hardness of the concrete, we mechanically prepare all areas with the use of shot blasting, scarifiers and/or grinding equipment.  This will remove all surface oil, grease and dirt from the substrate, giving the substrate open pores and a texture resembling sandpaper.  The result will provide a mechanical profile to enhance bonding.


We provide and install the desired coating.  Most applications require at least two coats.

Final Coating and Initial Polish

We finish the coating and follow it up with a polish and densifier, to harden the concrete.

Final Polish

A stainguard and burnishing follow the initial polish and densifier to achieve the desired finish.

The Final Product!

The final product is a beautiful, functional floor that can withstand the wear and tear of your location.